Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Best PowerPoint Alternative Focusky Brings Amazing Transition to Presentations

Focusky Software Co. Ltd is a Hong Kong based company that provides digital presentation software. The company's mission is to provide businesses the needed tools to grow, expand and succeed using the latest innovations in the field of digital presentation.Focusky's goal is to help companies worldwide enjoy the easy and convenient way to make interactive presentations. They can now present all of their services and products with a few drags and clicks.

Focusky is the best PowerPoint alternative with its amazing features, such as animation editor 3D camera, graphs and charts, dynamic characters, 3D backgrounds, and much more.  They focus customer's attention to the new Amazing Transition function that will help people easily convert their static slides into an animated attractive movie that will grab and keep the interest of the audience.

The best PowerPoint alternative Focusky eliminated the need for PowerPoint animation templates, as it provides the customers with the chance to transform their business ideas into a dynamic interactive movie. After trying Focusky, people will not be satisfied with the PowerPoint's static slides any longer. The new PowerPoint alternative is designed to meet the needs of the new generation of users. It will help businesses create powerful presentations in a fascinating way. The features and effects are unlimited, such as pan and zoom effect, over 300 animation effects, 3D camera, build-in animated characters, eye-popping images, to name a few.

Now, customers can easily present their businesses in a powerful way. People all over the globe can see the ready Focusky presentations, taking advantage of an automated 3D camera translation. The new software provides businesses a great opportunity to expand and get clients worldwide. The best PowerPoint alternative Focusky is in the process of constant development and new great templates, styles and features are to be added in near future.

Focusky made the digital presentations easily shared on social networks. For its users, the online cloud platform can help to store and manage the presentations safely. It is available for audiences to reach with mobile devices. Audiences can also one click to share with friends via social networks.

For more information about the new Amazing Transition function and all other features that Focusky provides, please visit http://focusky.com.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Focusky – the Easy to Use Presentation Maker with Fabulous Templates

One of the best and highly-rated presentation maker, Focusky, now offers more awesome and easier to use templates than ever before.

Focusky is one of the best and the most unique PowerPoint Presentation alternative, this software is not only fast, but it also has multiple amazing features that make work so much easier and the outcome is always professional and unique. It also offers amazing effects like Infinite canvas & unlimited Zoom and Pan effect, that is not usually available in other presentation maker. Focusky is well-known because of its user-friendliness and its unique and creative designs of templates; and now with more added templates, Focusky has become even more efficient than ever before.

"We are known for providing convenience and efficiency, that is why we are always focused to make Focusky even more exciting and effective for you, that is why we have now added more awesome templates in Focusky to provide our dear users even more efficiency than ever before, and now with hundreds of pre-designed templates accessible online for free within the software, this software has become even more efficient and user-friendly", stated the spokesperson of Focusky, while talking about their new templates.

He further added that they have now stopped there, but they will soon announce more added features of Focusky, and with Focusky people soon would be able to create the kind of presentations and animation videos that no one can even imagine right now.

The best thing about Focusky is that one can create professional-looking presentation within no time and without any Pro knowledge, coding or design skills; so with Focusky, anyone of any age and any profession can create expert presentations by just simply adding different effects that Focusky offers and using its amazing features creatively.

Focusky is not only easy & efficient, but it also offers several features like Amazing Transition, Animation Editing, Integrated with Whiteboard Animation, 3D Camera, Charts and Graphs, Build-in dynamic characters, Build-in WordArt, 5000+ Online Royalty-free Vector Resources, 1200+ Online Royalty-free Animated Resources, Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform, Self-hosted & Offline, Multi-language Supported and tons of other amazing features that makes presentation and video animation designing simple and fast, and now with their new amazing templates, presentation designing would become a child's play.

The online templates provide by Focusky varies from science to festival. Everything is well designed in these templates. You just need to simple click to change the images and replaces the texts; a cool presentation will be published to wow your audiences.

Focusky is one of the best presentation and video designing software that offers tons of features which are helpful in creating professional-looking presentations. Everyone is free to use it and publish the attractive presentations on its platform.  Honestly speaking, Focusky is the best choice for business men to express the fresh ideas. It will surprise you and your customers.